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  • What makes the Maestro different than the Power Glove or data gloves?

  • Our goal is to design an input solution for VR that is capable of precise motion capture and realistic haptic sensations. This required starting with the creation of a new motion capture method; a progression away from the technology driving glove inputs since the first data gloves in the 70’s. Our exotendon motion capture system is mechanically driven and biomimetically inspired.

  • What is an Exotedon motion capture system?

  • Exotendon is defined as an external, flexible but inelastic, cord which attaches a wearer’s bone structure to supporting electronic components. The exotendons move with your fingers while inside the glove gathering movement data in a constant, simple, accurate, and physical manner.

  • Which VR head mount displays and positional tracking systems does the Maestro glove support?

  • We are currently working only with the HTC Vive. Leveraging the Lighthouse tracking system allows us to couple the Maestro’s hand and finger tracking with positional tracking of the arm and elbow. We are exploring integrating the tracking solutions of the other HMDs in the future.

  • When will the Maestro be available to consumers?

  • We want to ensure that mainstream consumers have wonderful, plugand-play, out of the box experiences. We will announce consumer access when we are confident this will be the case.

  • What are haptics? What methods are we using to create them?

  • Haptic is derived from the Greek word haptesthai, meaning "to touch". The Maestro currently provides the sense of touch through variable vibration actuation on each fingertip. This is suitable for moment-of-contact interactions. For extended contact scenarios we are implementing force feedback via our exotendon technology. Creating a restrictive grip while a virtual item is held, the Maestro provides the sensations necessary to feel shape, size, and material strength.

  • How much do Maestro gloves weigh?

  • Our Maestro prototypes shown at E3 2016, including the attached Vive controller, weighed 2lbs. The team is working hard to significantly lower weight as size before shipping units.

  • How can I work with Contact CI?

  • If you are a developer wanting to build with Maestro please fill out the Developer Application. If you would like to join our team please check out the Careers section. For all other inquires, please email

    Have a question not answered? Contact us; we would be happy to provide the information.