Precision gesture capture, nuanced vibration feedback and smart finger restriction
Capture every gesture
The mechanical exotendon motion capture system combined with flex sensors allows for low latency tracking, free from occlusion. This means acute gestures and complex interactions can be captured accurately.
Feel every touch
Natural touch haptics are achieved through a combination of vibration and exotendon finger restriction. Maestro gives digital objects presence with elegance and simplicity.
One-to-one gesture tracking
Using an exotendon system inspired by the human hands anatomy, Maestro is able to capture a wide range of hand movements for the wrist and fingers. As there are no line-of-site requirements, complex hand configurations are captured simply and efficiently, so the user can replicate actions the hand currently performs in nature, with real time latency.
Natural touch
Haptic feedback focused individually on each fingertip provides a rich experience when interacting with the digital world. This touch simulation allows the user to interact with virtual interfaces and objects intuitively, with feedback alone convincing the brain an object is tangible.The robust vibration and force feedback API allow developers to create custom tactile experiences to further enhance immersion.
Finger restriction
The Maestro exotendon system uses biomimicry to create tension along each finger of the glove. When an avatar finger detects a collision in the physics engine, the glove restricts that finger’s movement, to simulate the object being collided with as naturally rigid. This means that complex shapes are felt as physical objects in the user's hand.
13 DoF hand tracking
< 5ms latency
SteamVR positional 6 DoF
5 Exotendon Restriction mechanisms
5 Vibration actuators
<10 ms latency
Unity & Unreal
Native C API
Windows compatible
Haptics and Motion Capture APIs